2018 MYA Conservatory Summer Music Programs

Chicago Vocal Bootcamp (June 11 – June 15)
Chicago Chamber Music Workshop (July 9 – July 21)
Flute Workshop (July 16 – July 20)
Evening Orchestra (June 26 – July 21)
Chicago Jazz Workshop (June 18 – June 22)
Evening Jazz Ensembles (July 2 – July 21)
Where did you hear about MYAC’s Summer Music Festival?
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Student Information

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Parent Information

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Musical Information

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Audition Requirements

The Chicago Chamber Music Workshop and Chicago Trumpet Workshop both require a video audition tape to complete the application
(See respective page for details) The auditions may be submitted as a DVD or online, with sites such as youtube, Vimeo, etc.

Location (URL) of your audition video:

Financial Aid

Will you be submitting a Financial Aid Application?

All financial aid applications must be received by April 15, 2018. Please send completed materials to: mya@mya.org.

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